Become the most influential of merchants


Collect gems and cards, invite nobles and gain prestige to win in this simple, tactical and addictive game!

Collect precious stones, trade them to build up your guild

Begin the game by collecting gem tokens. Trade your tokens for development cards, use these to reduce the cost of your next cards and score points. The first to reach 15 prestige points ends the game!

Dive into the prosperous Renaissance era

As a wealthy merchant, trade gems to acquire mines and hire artisans. Appeal to the nobles and gather enough prestige to win!

A fast, elegant, and intuitive game

Priceless gems, exotic places, and noble patrons!
Splendor’s elegant and simple gameplay is not only fun to play but beautiful to look at.

A quick, tactical and addictive game!

  • This is a truly elegant game. So simple, so accessible and yet so many strategies and potential outcomes.

    Amazon customer

  • An enjoyable and elegantly designed game. A great introduction to engine building.

    Comentarii BGG

  • Always love to play a game of Splendor. 3 simple rules, nice materials.

    BGG comments

What’s in the box?

How to play

Watch your first game


There are many ways to quickly learn the rules. Choose yours!

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How do I access my benefits?

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